20 September 2011

Aidan & I ...

Simple Pleasures

I am my mother's daughter, of that I have no doubt!

One of my Mom's greatest pleasures was spending time with her granddaughters and then, when they came along, her great-grandchildren.  She loved having them nearby, being able see them often - to be an active part of their lives.

Yup, my Mom loved being a Grandma and she was very, very good at it.  It came as naturally to her as breathing did.

 She told me once that just being able to be a small part of their day.to.day lives was as good or better than taking them on big outings or events because they would chat with her and share the small details of their lives with her.

- my imagined Gnome house  -
I definitely inherited the 'Granny' gene from my Mom.

I have always joked that I only had kids so that one day I would have lots of grand-kids and they would live near me and come to my house to visit often.

Well, I was blessed with a WONDERFUL grandson that I adore & Love to spend time with.

I am a one lucky Nana that's for sure.

When I lived in, what I loving refer to as our 'one acre house' I used to dream of building a 'Gnome' house for my grand-kids to play in - I wanted to bury it deep in the treed area of my yard so it would be a secret place just for them.

But, sometimes life doesn't unfold exactly the way you have planned.  To be sure, life gave me the GREATEST grandson EVER!  

I couldn't love him more, he makes every 'Granny gene' in me sparkle & shine.

I Love you Aidan!

I love spending time with you and getting to know the wonderful person you are becoming - so kind, caring, smart & funny!

But, it's a simple pleasure, that due to time & distance,  I don't get to experience on a day.to.day basis very often.

This distance, my Nemesis, has conspired for many years to deny me the lazy day chats & conversations I long for.

The natural easy closeness that develops when you spend time just hanging out with someone - wandering through the day together.

A closeness that Facebook, email, post cards & all the phone chats in the world can't quite bring about.

So, this summer I packed my bags, loaded Wilson up in the car & went to live with Aidan & Jess for most of July & August so that I could really get to know my grandson.

It was heaven & we had such a good time (well, except for that salmonella incident & missing Mike) ..

Was it all sweetness & roses.  Of coarse not but that's what made it so great!  We tore off that overly sweet politeness  that comes with being a House-Guest and we moved into that comfortable cheekiness people / families get when they live together.

So, what did we do all summer, well we did lots and I will tell you all about it tomorrow because right now Wilson wants to go out for a walk.

See you later!

Life is good & full.

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