21 September 2011

Hanging Out ...

Sardis Elementary

- We had so much fun hanging out together -
Aidan & I spent a lot of time this summer just Hanging Out and while I can't say that we did nothing but laugh & have fun - I can say that we did laugh a lot and have a lot of fun.

What a joy is was being able to just hang out with Aidan every day.

This was definitely, for me, a summer to remember.

 Some days we would just wander across the street and go hang out at the elementary school.  We'd check out his daycare, he showed me where his old classrooms were and sometimes we'd just mess around on the playground equipment.

Most of the time I'd just watch him play and as he climbed, hung & swung - we'd chat & chat & chat some more.

 We always took Wilson along - he was often our cheering (barking) section and would watch us playing from afar.

 A few times we even played one-on-one and shot hoops.

 And sometimes we'd just sit around and hang out.

The best days in life's are the ones filled with the simple pleasure of just Hanging-out with someone you love.  

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  1. Looks like sooo much fun....we enjoyed seeing you and Wilson too. Especially, the glow in the dark water fight!!


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