14 February 2012

27  's.
embossed on cards.  doodled in ink. tied in ribbon.

some things are just destined to get better with age.
to grow deeper. richer. stronger.
whispered quietly. almost without words.
no cards. or ribbons. or pretty bows.
we just know.
Our ❤ 's beat as . 
little else matters.
If you were a boat, my darling
A boat, my darling
I’d be the wind at your back
If you were afraid, my darling
Afraid, my darling
I’d be the courage you lack
If you were a bird, then I’d be a tree
And you would come home, my darling, to me
If you were asleep, then I’d be a dream
Wherever you are, that’s where my heart will be
Oh, do you know we belong together?
Oh, do you know my heart is yours?
If you were the ocean, I’d be the sand
If you were a song, I’d be the band
If you were the stars, then I’d be the moon
A light in the dark, my darling, for you
- Dave and JJ Heller -

❤ you Mike.

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