30 December 2013

A Single Word ...

thrive [θraɪv]
vb thrivesthriving ; thrivedthrove ; thrivedthriven [ˈθrɪvən] (intr)
1. to grow strongly and vigorously
2. to do well; prosper
[from Old Norse thrīfask to grasp for oneself, reflexive of thrīfa to grasp, of obscure origin]


A single word can hold immense power, one word can change minds, sway votes, revive hope or even change history.  

A single word can hurt, destroy, mend or motivate - words are rarely spoken without intention.

A single word can be a weapon used to injure, prejudice, bully or browbeat.  It can destroy others or just as easily be turned on oneself. 


I am fat, I am stupid, I am lazy - these words are my excuses, my bullets, my weapons of self-destruction. 

So, if a single word, fat, stupid or lazy, has the strength and the force to beat me down & belittle my sense of worth - then too - it must also have the power to bring focus, clarity and strength into my daily thoughts.

A single word, working for me instead of against me is  a good start to the New Year and for this reason I have chosen the word THRIVE as my focus word for 2014.

I will write it down and place it where I will see it daily, I will seek it out, mail it to myself in a card, make a poster and use it as my daily affirmation.

I want to THRIVE in 2014 not just survive - I have been living in survival mode for too long now. 

 I want to push myself, break my own sound barrier, see more, think harder, do more & be more involved, be healthier and stronger, be more sure of who I am!  

I want to learn how to encourage myself, how to be satisfied & happy with who I am, to figure out how to motivate, encourage and comfort myself and those around me in a positive way.  

I want to learn how to stay the course, sail true, get to know me better  - I want to fall deeply in like with me. 

 ...  In a word  ...
I want to THRIVE in 2014 

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21 December 2013

Still Do ...

Long ago, I believed in Santa Claus.

Still do.

Long ago, I  would lie awake on Christmas eve, eyes & ears open, waiting
 I would fall asleep dreaming of Santa, his reindeer & sleigh full of presents.

Still do.

Long ago,  the merry, merry of Christmas would overwhelm me.
 I would try to be so good, stay clean, smile and never be naughty.
I would sit on my hands to be still & concentrate very hard to be quiet.

Still do.

Long ago, I believed in Santa and the Spirit of Christmas. 
I believed he carried a bag full of dreams.
Long ago I used to dream of a white Christmas, 
full of joy, love and peace for everyone.
And, long ago, I believed that Christmas had the power
to renew faith and  restore hope ...
to bring out the very best in people,
to fill them with kindness, forgiveness, love.

And I still do

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20 December 2013

Love this, Make this ...

I absolutely love this.

It is so simple, so understated. 


It invites me in ...

via: Apartment Therapy
I love this piece of wood it sits upon.

Next Christmas it will sit on my shelf.

A complete How-To tutorial can be found at Apartment Therapy.

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19 December 2013

Dad ...

Happy Birthday Dad

This year we will not blow out 81 candles, no cards will be read, or presents unwrapped.

Time is not always kind, it gives and gives until it decides to take it all back - without notice, it wipes away memories that took years to create.  

Time is a cruel taskmaster that doesn't stop for birthdays or cake.

But today I will not be sad, I will not let time steal this birthday from my Dad or me. 

Today is a day for celebration - it is my Dad's 81st birthday and I will find joy in that.

Today I will sing Happy Birthday on the hand's of time's clock and dance to it's tick, tock, tick, tock.

I will smile and laugh as I remember parties past, happy times and moments spent with my Dad.

I can't be with my Dad today and I'm not sure that even matters because I am thinking of him and thinking about how much I love him.  

I am celebrating his birthday today with an $81.00 donation to the Edmonds Food Bank in his name.

Dad, I choose to believe that I still live somewhere in your memories, somewhere way down deep and close to your heart.

Happy Birthday Dad

I love you, always & forever. 

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18 December 2013

Christmas Time ...

I didn't do much Christmas decorating this year, just enough to remind me that Christmas was indeed on its the way ...

 -  a few Santa's sitting on a shelf  -
to bring me Christmas cheer

 - A single wreath hanging on the front door -
to welcome

- A pair of ice skates sitting on a chair -
to bring back memories of long ago

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17 December 2013

A Box full of Smiles ...


I just rediscovered Smilebox and so I thought I would post some old albums while I was deciding what smilebox to make next ...

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook
Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox

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15 December 2013

WildLights ...

WildLights at the Woodland Park Zoo
December 5, 2013

Before we talk about the WildLights lets just spend a few moments talking about the cold!

It has been very, very cold here the last couple of days and to be honest, it really doesn't get very cold in Seattle that often, in fact, it has never-ever dropped below zero in Seattle.  Not for as long as they have been keeping records anyways.

This cold, while unfamiliar, is not unwelcome because with the cold comes the "sun"!  Beautiful blue skies and sunshine (minus the heat ).

This is winter as it should be; cold with frozen ponds, warm mittens, blue skies, sunshine and if you're lucky - some snow.  Winter should not be soggy and dripping with lukewarm mud puddles, endless grey skies & wet, damp coats.

But enough said about that ...

And so, in this winter state of mind, as temperatures had not climbed above freezing for several days, we headed out to visit the 2nd Annual 'WildLights' show at the Woodland Park Zoo followed by dinner at one of Dana's favorite restaurants, '13 Coins', to celebrate her Birthday.

The night was beautiful, cold, brisk with a sky that was clear, dark and empty save for the brightly lit moon and a single star dangling far beneath it.

 The cold was actually a blessing because it kept both the rain and the crowds at bay - no lineups and we got a perfect parking spot.   

Both Dana & I have been to see the 'Garden d'lights' at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens many times before (they are Amazing) so this was a nice change.

I love looking at Christmas Light displays ...

We arrived a little before they opened and at the entrance to the zoo there was a group of carolers singing Christmas songs, complete with top hats, muffs and old-fashioned dress.

 They sounded so wonderful and after the park opened they could be seen & heard singing throughout the park.  It was quite lovely.

Some of the beautiful lights we saw throughout the park ...

Gorillas, Rhino's & friends led the way


Gorilla family

Can you believe we even found a Seahawk!

The light display was beautiful and well worth the trip.

After our stroll through the WildLights we headed off to '13 Coins' to spend the rest of the evening warming up and chatting over a great meal.

Happy Birthday Dana

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07 December 2013

Christmas Past ...

Christmas Past
December 24, 2006 - Sarah & Todd's House

Christmas Eve.

A big Family gathering, so much love, togetherness and Christmas cheer.  

It was a house full of holiday noise - that wonderful sound of familiar chit chat over a cuppa tea, happy giggles and excited squeaks & squeals - the sounds of a family gathered.

And kids of every age celebrating the holiday - a house full of new kids, old kids, little kids and big kids - true believers, skeptics & doubters alike. 

But then, suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a great ruckus out on the front lawn. 

Kids dashed to the window and peeked outside to see what was happening but excitement soon gave way to confusion for they could see nothing outside the window.  The yard was quiet and empty.

Mutters, mumbles and speculation could be heard from the boys on the couch and as they peered out the window ...

And suddenly, there was a LOUD BANG at the front door.  Oh, they wondered, who is there?  Who could it be?  

Soon there came another loud knock and an impatient HO HO HO could be heard from outside  ... 

a mad rush was made to the door amid giggles, laughter & whispered excitement.

And as the door was opened, jaws dropped, eyes widened in surprise and wonder.  The children, unsure of what to do, grew quiet and shy but with a smile, a twinkle and wave of his hand the silence and disbelief soon gave way to ... 

wild excitement, smiles and pure happiness ... 

Santa was here!  The real Santa! The one & only Santa - the bigger than life, all dressed in red and carrying a bag full of Joy, GOODWILL & MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES

and with a 'Ho Ho Ho' and a big Santa grin he passed out little gifts of joy to all the children.

The magic of Christmas cast a spell over all the children, big and small alike ...

Skeptics became true believers that day because trust me, once Santa has made a housecall to your home to bring you some Christmas Cheer you will never.ever.ever. doubt his existence again!

and soon all the uncertainty & jitters gave way to open arms and hugs ...

and apprehension faded into smiles ...

The joy of seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child is the best Christmas gift of all.

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