30 December 2013

A Single Word ...

thrive [θraɪv]
vb thrivesthriving ; thrivedthrove ; thrivedthriven [ˈθrɪvən] (intr)
1. to grow strongly and vigorously
2. to do well; prosper
[from Old Norse thrīfask to grasp for oneself, reflexive of thrīfa to grasp, of obscure origin]


A single word can hold immense power, one word can change minds, sway votes, revive hope or even change history.  

A single word can hurt, destroy, mend or motivate - words are rarely spoken without intention.

A single word can be a weapon used to injure, prejudice, bully or browbeat.  It can destroy others or just as easily be turned on oneself. 


I am fat, I am stupid, I am lazy - these words are my excuses, my bullets, my weapons of self-destruction. 

So, if a single word, fat, stupid or lazy, has the strength and the force to beat me down & belittle my sense of worth - then too - it must also have the power to bring focus, clarity and strength into my daily thoughts.

A single word, working for me instead of against me is  a good start to the New Year and for this reason I have chosen the word THRIVE as my focus word for 2014.

I will write it down and place it where I will see it daily, I will seek it out, mail it to myself in a card, make a poster and use it as my daily affirmation.

I want to THRIVE in 2014 not just survive - I have been living in survival mode for too long now. 

 I want to push myself, break my own sound barrier, see more, think harder, do more & be more involved, be healthier and stronger, be more sure of who I am!  

I want to learn how to encourage myself, how to be satisfied & happy with who I am, to figure out how to motivate, encourage and comfort myself and those around me in a positive way.  

I want to learn how to stay the course, sail true, get to know me better  - I want to fall deeply in like with me. 

 ...  In a word  ...
I want to THRIVE in 2014 

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'I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.'
- Robert Brault -