07 December 2013

Christmas Past ...

Christmas Past
December 24, 2006 - Sarah & Todd's House

Christmas Eve.

A big Family gathering, so much love, togetherness and Christmas cheer.  

It was a house full of holiday noise - that wonderful sound of familiar chit chat over a cuppa tea, happy giggles and excited squeaks & squeals - the sounds of a family gathered.

And kids of every age celebrating the holiday - a house full of new kids, old kids, little kids and big kids - true believers, skeptics & doubters alike. 

But then, suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a great ruckus out on the front lawn. 

Kids dashed to the window and peeked outside to see what was happening but excitement soon gave way to confusion for they could see nothing outside the window.  The yard was quiet and empty.

Mutters, mumbles and speculation could be heard from the boys on the couch and as they peered out the window ...

And suddenly, there was a LOUD BANG at the front door.  Oh, they wondered, who is there?  Who could it be?  

Soon there came another loud knock and an impatient HO HO HO could be heard from outside  ... 

a mad rush was made to the door amid giggles, laughter & whispered excitement.

And as the door was opened, jaws dropped, eyes widened in surprise and wonder.  The children, unsure of what to do, grew quiet and shy but with a smile, a twinkle and wave of his hand the silence and disbelief soon gave way to ... 

wild excitement, smiles and pure happiness ... 

Santa was here!  The real Santa! The one & only Santa - the bigger than life, all dressed in red and carrying a bag full of Joy, GOODWILL & MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES

and with a 'Ho Ho Ho' and a big Santa grin he passed out little gifts of joy to all the children.

The magic of Christmas cast a spell over all the children, big and small alike ...

Skeptics became true believers that day because trust me, once Santa has made a housecall to your home to bring you some Christmas Cheer you will never.ever.ever. doubt his existence again!

and soon all the uncertainty & jitters gave way to open arms and hugs ...

and apprehension faded into smiles ...

The joy of seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child is the best Christmas gift of all.

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  1. Beautiful family and fun Christmas! Thanks for sharing your family.


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