19 December 2013

Dad ...

Happy Birthday Dad

This year we will not blow out 81 candles, no cards will be read, or presents unwrapped.

Time is not always kind, it gives and gives until it decides to take it all back - without notice, it wipes away memories that took years to create.  

Time is a cruel taskmaster that doesn't stop for birthdays or cake.

But today I will not be sad, I will not let time steal this birthday from my Dad or me. 

Today is a day for celebration - it is my Dad's 81st birthday and I will find joy in that.

Today I will sing Happy Birthday on the hand's of time's clock and dance to it's tick, tock, tick, tock.

I will smile and laugh as I remember parties past, happy times and moments spent with my Dad.

I can't be with my Dad today and I'm not sure that even matters because I am thinking of him and thinking about how much I love him.  

I am celebrating his birthday today with an $81.00 donation to the Edmonds Food Bank in his name.

Dad, I choose to believe that I still live somewhere in your memories, somewhere way down deep and close to your heart.

Happy Birthday Dad

I love you, always & forever. 

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  1. Andy Happy 81st Birthday! Nancy all the stories you have told me over the years of your Mom and Dad. The farm, or crossing the border, or how he figured out he wanted a farm someday after growing potatoes. I love how tell how your Mom has made friends in the campground before he gets the RV parked. I loved how you shared their creations with me. Your Mom made a baby afghan for Ben and your Dad made Cd boxes and you gave me some too. My heart goes out to you. I am happy you see the Joy still for your Dads memories and I am sure he dreams and remembers too.


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