21 December 2013

Still Do ...

Long ago, I believed in Santa Claus.

Still do.

Long ago, I  would lie awake on Christmas eve, eyes & ears open, waiting
 I would fall asleep dreaming of Santa, his reindeer & sleigh full of presents.

Still do.

Long ago,  the merry, merry of Christmas would overwhelm me.
 I would try to be so good, stay clean, smile and never be naughty.
I would sit on my hands to be still & concentrate very hard to be quiet.

Still do.

Long ago, I believed in Santa and the Spirit of Christmas. 
I believed he carried a bag full of dreams.
Long ago I used to dream of a white Christmas, 
full of joy, love and peace for everyone.
And, long ago, I believed that Christmas had the power
to renew faith and  restore hope ...
to bring out the very best in people,
to fill them with kindness, forgiveness, love.

And I still do

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1 comment:

  1. I believe in Santa too. I love the adorable pictures of you and siblings. So cute you sitting on your hands.


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