15 December 2013

WildLights ...

WildLights at the Woodland Park Zoo
December 5, 2013

Before we talk about the WildLights lets just spend a few moments talking about the cold!

It has been very, very cold here the last couple of days and to be honest, it really doesn't get very cold in Seattle that often, in fact, it has never-ever dropped below zero in Seattle.  Not for as long as they have been keeping records anyways.

This cold, while unfamiliar, is not unwelcome because with the cold comes the "sun"!  Beautiful blue skies and sunshine (minus the heat ).

This is winter as it should be; cold with frozen ponds, warm mittens, blue skies, sunshine and if you're lucky - some snow.  Winter should not be soggy and dripping with lukewarm mud puddles, endless grey skies & wet, damp coats.

But enough said about that ...

And so, in this winter state of mind, as temperatures had not climbed above freezing for several days, we headed out to visit the 2nd Annual 'WildLights' show at the Woodland Park Zoo followed by dinner at one of Dana's favorite restaurants, '13 Coins', to celebrate her Birthday.

The night was beautiful, cold, brisk with a sky that was clear, dark and empty save for the brightly lit moon and a single star dangling far beneath it.

 The cold was actually a blessing because it kept both the rain and the crowds at bay - no lineups and we got a perfect parking spot.   

Both Dana & I have been to see the 'Garden d'lights' at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens many times before (they are Amazing) so this was a nice change.

I love looking at Christmas Light displays ...

We arrived a little before they opened and at the entrance to the zoo there was a group of carolers singing Christmas songs, complete with top hats, muffs and old-fashioned dress.

 They sounded so wonderful and after the park opened they could be seen & heard singing throughout the park.  It was quite lovely.

Some of the beautiful lights we saw throughout the park ...

Gorillas, Rhino's & friends led the way


Gorilla family

Can you believe we even found a Seahawk!

The light display was beautiful and well worth the trip.

After our stroll through the WildLights we headed off to '13 Coins' to spend the rest of the evening warming up and chatting over a great meal.

Happy Birthday Dana

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  1. I love that you blogged about our fun evening so we can always remember. Thank you for a great night I always enjoy hanging out with you. Hugs and love,


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