03 January 2014

7 years young ...

7 years young

My very 1st blog post was titled, 'Having a Happy Day' and looked like this ...
I love these flowers!   

Every time I look at this picture it gives me a smiley face so I have chosen it for my first post.

I received  these flowers.. but sometimes life just isn't that playful, but today is good and today I am happy.

My 2nd blog post was called, 'Love/Hate' and looked like this ...
Who am I:

Top 10 things I love about me:

1. I am the "Flubber" of optimism - every day is a fresh start.
8. I love nature ~ it makes perfect sense to me!
9. I am slightly creative & creatively delusional at all times.
10. I never take myself or life too seriously, my nickname growing up was - "Happy Go Lucky".

Flip Side

Bottom 10 things I hate about me:
10. I am a walking contradiction (see items 1 - 8)

What to do....

I love reading over my old journal entries (posts) it gives me a sense of self, time and brings on a flood of memories and emotions.   

It reminds me that I have a story, filled with many boring parts to be sure, but it's my story nonetheless and no illness, person or time can take it from me. 

I have always kept a journal of some sort and 7 years ago began blogging.  

My blog(s) have never been very exciting or well read but they are important to me because they help me organize, maintain and chronicle my life.

If I don't write it down - I don't remember it.  It's just that simple.

Over the past 7 years I have on several occasions, gotten 'blogged down' and either lost posts (due to changing blogging platforms) or simply lost interest in me and quite blogging.

I hate having these holes in my memories!

For example, when I have switched from the Typepad blogging platform to Blogger I lost 4 years of blog posts.  (I am now trying figure out how to get them back) 

I started blogging again late 2013 when I started my newest blog 'The Recycled House & Garden' and the 'PNW Walkabout' and I've slowly begun to post more often and I can enjoy it again. 

I am getting ready to start posting to my 'The Careless Gardener' which will chronicle the restoration & renewal of the yard and gardens of my new house.  

I am so looking forward to those posts.

Life goes on, it's the start of a new year - I think i'm ready to begin again ...

(see item # 1)

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  1. I love your blogging too. I wish I could keep up a blog better I lost some blogs from ones going out of business also.

    You are do motivating to me. I am going to get one going again.

    Can't wait to read your gardening one too.



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