05 January 2014

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This is my Life-List.  
1998 - 2058

1.  Complete my Undergraduate Degree (Returned to school 1998, UW, BA (2004)
2.  Give a speech in public (2004 - UWREN)
3.  Take my Girls Aboard (Italy 2001)
4.  Live long enough to see a cure for MS
5.  Relocate to a small town (Edmonds 2013)
6.  Host a party of at least 10 (Dana's Surprise BDay, 
7.  Complete & Pass at least 1 chemistry class (1999)
8.  Complete & Pass at least 1 math class (1999)
9.  Take a Civil War Tour of the South
10. Visit the Hoh Rainforest.
11. Go on a 'Scotch' Tour 
         (grab a photo op on our 930 cmof Scottish land courtesy of Laphroaig)
12. Visit Ireland
13. Learn to ID at least 10 birds by sight, flight & sound
14. See Jessica graduate University (UCFV, B.SW 2005)
15. See Katy graduate University (WSU, BSc. 2009)
16. See Katy graduate Veterinary School
17. Take a public speaking class
18. Attend my Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary (01.28.2006)
19. Volunteer (Seattle Audubon, NW Harvest, BBG)
20. Learn to knit
21. Get a Maple Leaf Tattoo (Katy's Vegas Grad Trip, 2004)
22. See Elwha Dam Breached
23. Go on a 1 week vacation by myself
24. Teach a Wildlife Gardening Class
25. Visit Scotland
26. Visit Germany
27. Visit Brazil
28. Visit China (2012)
29. Walk on the Great Wall of China (2012)
30. Visit Czech Republic
31. Zip-Line in Costa Rica
32. Ride an Airboat in the Florida Everglades
33. Visit a Tarot Card Reader
34. Ride a camel in Egypt
35. Boat Cruise down the St. Lawrence River
36. Ride the Orient Express
37. Travel the Silk Road
38. Ride the Train across Canada
39. Visit the Windmills of the Netherlands
40. See Katy happily & completely in love & settled
41. Rock Katy's children to sleep
42. See Jessica happily & completely in love & settled (2013 - married Jordan)
43. Rock Jessica's children to sleep (2002, 2013)
44. Walk amid the ruins of the ancient ruins of Rome (2001)
45. Sleep in an Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada
46. Visit every province in Canada
      (BC, Alta, Man, Sask, Ont, Que)
47. Visit every state in USA
48. Visit Cuba
49. Take an Anthropology class
50. Become a Master Gardener
51. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
52. Take 100 Walkabouts with Therese
      Walkabout No.1 | 2007 (65 walks taken -35 more to go)
53. Visit a National Park in every province of Canada
      (Banff, Alta, Glacier, BC,)
54. Visit a National Park in every state of US
      (Glacier Bay, Ak, Mt Rainier, Wa, N.Cascades, Wa) 
55. Take a Movie/Culture Class
56. Learn to shoot a gun
57. Visit 2 Ghost Towns
58. Have a Girls Only vacation (Lake Chelan, Dana 2008 & 2011, Leavenworth,     2012)
59. Find Spiritual guidance (BFCC 2008)
60. Finish my Garden (HaHa)
61. Follow the Lewis & Clark Trail
62. Get photographs organized (ongoing mess)
63. Visit the Heligan
64. Go on a Girl's Only Camping Trip (Cultus Lake, 2011)
65. Tale a singing class
66. Own my own Vintage 1958 Shasta
67. Learn to play golf
68. Learn Orienteering
69. See the Northern Lights in Alaska
70. Lose weight permanently
71. Follow the Oregon Trail
72. Cruise through the Panama Canal
73. Visit the Hoover Dam
74. Take an Improv Class
75. Walk in a Half Marathon / Marathon
      (I walked 20 miles in 1 day: Breast Cancer 3 Day but no marathons yet)
76. Learn to read Tarot Cards
77. Become US citizen (2001)
78. Trace family history (both sides)
79. Vote for a US President (2004(Kerry), 2008(Obama), 2012(Obama)
80. Plan a family reunion (2008)
81. Consider - at least - graduate school ( 2006)
82. Read all of Ralph Waldo Emerson's words (begun)
83. Join a BookClub (UWB 2004)
84. Join a community service group
85. Learn & practice Tai Chi on a daily basis
86. See the Grand Canyon
87. Walk the pilgrimage route "The Way of St. James" (500 miles)
88. Visit the Vatican (2001)
89. Visit Iceland & Greenland
90. Visit the richest Country in the World (World Bank: Luxembourg)
91.Own a miniature horse
92. Learn to speak Spanish
93. Celebrate my Mom's 80th BDay with her. Retired
94. Take a Photography class
95. Read all of Gandhi's words
96. Give someone a chance I never had
97.Visit & snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
98. Watch a space shuttle blast off
99. Move home to Canada
100. Be buried in Canada next to my Mom (overlooking our family farm)
In Progress

'Life is short even in it's longest days.'  - JCM -

My 100 years are flying by.
2058 is rapidly approaching.

Abracadabra - 'I create what I speak'
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  1. The Hoh Rainforest: we should sync up schedules and have you come over to Dungeness for a visit on the way to the Hoh.

    I've never been there either and have always wanted to check it out.

  2. Wow that is a great list and you done much already !

    I think you can add the Dungeness Spit to your National Park, I think it's a National Park.

    I think we should plan to go to Ireland together too ;)



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