25 June 2015

garden peace

'It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses we must plant more trees'

 George Eliot -
what better start to the day
 than sitting outside, alone 
surrounded by morning quiet
and sunshine
i love to sip my morning coffee
 lost in my garden thoughts

i love that my garden is never silent
only, on occasion

hushed sort of peace
that is constantly
by the wayward signs of life

the excited chatter of chickadees
the squawks & complaints of the blue jays

the bark of a neighbor's dog
or the blast of a ferry horn
it is here
sitting alone
I do most of my garden planning  

and plotting
and day dreaming
i am always trying to decide
where my yard & garden should be,
wants to be

i am not really a 'big picture' kind of thinker 
or planner
 i can't look out into the big 'blank'
 and just  'see' it
i admire people who
 can plan it all out on paper
execute that plan
and be happy with it
that's not me

i need to plant my ideas in the ground
pile up some rocks, dig up & move a tree
drag around some flower pots
move a birdhouse

before i begin to get any idea 
of what my garden wants to be
and bring it into focus  

I don't garden well on paper 
i never have

I spend a many of my 'gardening' hours
just thinking on it
rearranging it
in my mind

and then
digging up yesterday plantings
moving them around
and then
thinking on it some more
mentally erasing parts 
adding this in or moving out that

i 'feel' my garden 
more than see it

so, sometimes
it takes a lot of trial & error 
before it feels right
to me

all this moving & dancing about
in the flower beds
i call it the
Gardener's Waltz

 as my Dad used to always tell me
'it's just work'
so, there is never any bad feelings
between me & my garden
i am most content
when i can at least say, that 
for right now 
i have found 'garden peace'
my garden
is a process
and will never truly
 be finished
and i'm 
okay with that

is when I am outside
in my garden
because then
 I want for nothing
 and need no one. 

outside, is where i
love me

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'I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.'
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