04 August 2014

Today I am a Gardener

I got up very early this morning so I could work in the garden in the stillness of the morning -just beyond twilight. 

I love my alone time out in the garden - just me & my peeps..

A bit of planting, weeding & watering and I spent a bit of coffee time alone with my thoughts.

I enjoy the last cool breath of the night before the sun wakes up and I must run inside and hide from the heat of it.

 Somedays I think I should start gardening with a flashlight so I can get more done before the sun rises but that's just silly  ...

I love this crazy, tragic,
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautiful life

- N -

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garden thoughts ...

'I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.'
- Robert Brault -