19 December 2014

- Dad -

- Not your average Hallmark Birthday card -

My father was not a calm, quiet man, he was more of a category 5 - powerful, fierce & frightening - within seconds he could destroy the landscape of my world and with a single word he could (and did) destroy parts of me that can never be repaired.

But, he loved me with that same intensity, strength and unconditional force - I have never once doubted that fact.
The fury with which my Dad approached everything in his life created a dichotomy of emotions in me that, to this day, still confuse, torment & haunt me. 

Fear, admiration, LOVE, hate, respect, dread - but throughout it all I have loved him without hesitation. He was and is the most enduring benchmark in my life.

My Dad is still here with us but yet in almost everyway that matters ..... he is not. I miss the Dad I loved, respected and admired, I miss him very much.
Happy 82nd Birthday DaD
I love you

I love this crazy, tragic,
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautiful life

- N -
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