27 December 2014

- Tradition -

Every year for Christmas since I was a young child - my Dad would always buy each of us a box of Purdy's Chocolates.   A whole box was and is a very expensive extravagance, especially when we were younger.  

I loved getting these very yummy chocolates even after I grew up and grew a little too chubby.  I cherished these chocolates growing up because it was one of the ways I always knew just how much my DaD loved me.  Time was extremely valuable to my DaD - on a farm everything is time sensitive and there was never, ever enough of it.  My DaD usually worked 7 days a week, 12 - 14 hours a day.  So taking time off at Christmas (albeit, the slowest time of the year farming) was big, really BIG.  

I remember, he would get all dressed up in his 'regular' clothes and go off by himself for the day ... shopping and not a the Co-op either, he would go to the big mall.  My DaD always selected a special gift each of us a and it was just from HIM and it came with a box of chocolates - Purdy's Chocolates.    

I don't remember every gift he ever bought me but I do remember he did something special for me every Christmas and that special feeling comes back to me whenever I open a box of Purdy's.

Purdy's under the tree at Christmas, was and is, for me, the most enduring and endearing Christmas tradition I have - it is a reminder of my past. I was so touched & surprised to find a box of Purdy's with my name on it under the Christmas tree this year - Mike had had them shipped down from Canada for me and this simple box of chocolates helped bring my Mom and my Dad home to me for Christmas. 

I love you Mike 

I love this crazy, tragic,
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautiful life

- N -
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  1. Aww so sweet of Mike to bring you memories of your parents and passed Christmas's.


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