19 June 2015

life files

from my camera files
Mock Orange Philadelphus lewisii
 i love the large mock orange tree that  i inherited when we bought the house. 
 it is so beautiful and fragrant when it in full bloom - almost overpowering.
i don't even mind that it sends my allergies overdrive

from my fitbit files
monday, june 15, 2015
steps: 12,951
sleep: 5hr, 46m
from my lister's files
 April 2015 | Day 23
Signs that I am: a gardengirl

1.  i can get lost in the garden nursery
2.  dirty fingernails are a badge of honor
3. current fashion accessories: a hori-hori & a cuttle-fish hoe
4. all time favorite valentine's day gift: a worm bin
5. compost & mulch excite me more than perfume or jewelry
6. a lifelong love affair with dirt
from my digital files
june 2000
- puppy love -
from my pinterest files
Love, Love, Love
vintage trailer envy
from my heart files
the older i get the more i seem to putter
i love to putter
life is good
from my soul files
- forgiveness is a gift from God -
- understanding is born through education & experience -
- tolerance is a learned behavior -
- patience is a practiced art form-
-  empathy is the culmination of all of the above -
- teardrops for SC -

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  1. Interesting how your assorted social/media properties all kind of flow into this.


garden thoughts ...

'I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.'
- Robert Brault -