23 June 2015

red barns

childhood memory

'if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.'
- tom stoppard -

am obsessed
with my childhood 
i think about it
 dwell on it 
obsess over it

i cherish it

and constantly
relive it
i know why
but what i don't know
is when this obsession
will end

my childhood.

I have washed it clean
and polished it until
the good shines brighter
 and the bad sparkles like gold
everything that glitters

- a crumbling red barn. but not mine -
i recall 
not far from the home piece
off the #10
 down colebrook road 
was a chunk of the farm
we called the red barn
and on it
stood an old red barn

tired & worn
 by age & weather
full of owls, tractors & rotting wood beams
it was, for me
a cathedral of sorts

and sometimes
the sun would creep in 
through gaps in the failing timber
and light up that barn 
like stained glass 
in a church of god

-  childhood playhouses, but not my red barn -
that old red barn
was so big
and so beautiful
 that it could hold 
all my little daydreams
and long before it was gone
i knew it would always 
be missed

 my childhood memories 
work overtime
 to keep that barn standing
 but, in the end
time, circumstance & decay
always get their own way

am obsessed
with those massive wood beams
and red stained planks
i wonder 
where did they go
what happened to them
and where - i wonder
 did all my red barn
- my red barn was deemed unsafe & dismantled 1989 -

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  1. Wonderful!! My red barn was dismantled by straight line winds but we still have a few chunks of backboard :)

  2. I knew everyone or almost everyone had a 'red barn' in their childhood! I am glad you were able to save some of your barn. I regret no saving some - I've always wished I could have made a birdhouse shaped like a barn out of some of the salvaged wood


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'I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.'
- Robert Brault -