22 June 2015


true fact, I am actually old enough to remember life before TV and a time when there was no TV in our house.

what did we do you ask - well, we played. 

we played and worked - case closed!  we had actually worked all summer long and after school.  

we played, we fought. we worked and otherwise found myriad ways to entertain ourselves (often leading to fighting and big trouble).

i know TV's were around back then, i'd heard of them and seen they at sears but we just didn't own one!  not  until I was in grade 3.

but when we finally got one - it was love at first sight!

we had 2 or 3 channels, more than enough.

i remember when tv quit transmitting at midnight and the test pattern came on and dad's across north america owned the tv when Walter Cronkite came on to report the nightly NEWS

I can still vividly remember seeing my first color tv and the introduction of the clicker (aka: remote control), the satellite dish, VCR - bringing with it the pause button, Video rentals, tv with a VCR inside it, picture within a picture, Cablevision, dvds, tivo, netflix and now ... apple tv.

the list of tv innovation is endless ...

waltons (1972 - 1981)

 top 10 

these were my top 10 favorite shows when i was growing up. 

1.   walton's
2.   my three sons
3.   bewitched
4.   mary tyler moore
5.   gilligan's island
6.   the andy griffith show  
7.   the brady bunch
8.   twilight zone
9.   bonanza
10. the friendly giant
*** sonny & cher, donny & marie and heehaw get honorable mentions

friendly giant (1958 - 1985)
 canadian tv 

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