14 April 2016

a rusty garden ...

- a rusty garden -
One of the hallmarks of being a 'Careless Gardener' is a pile of rather expensive but rusty garden tools.  Every spring I find at least one of my favorite garden tools buried out in the garden or, even worse, sitting all alone in the bottom of a dirty bucket that sat all winter - collecting water.  

In my garden, a well-loved garden tool is a rusty tool.

While it may be wishful thinking I just felt that if I had somewhere to put all my gardening tools and gear away every fall that I could become an 'Organized Gardener' instead of a careless one.  So, with this in mind, I had a little garden shed built.

Hallelujah, now all my gardening junk has a nice dry home for the winter.

In my wildest dreams, I am uber organized and neatly put all my tools away at the end of each and every gardening day but in reality I know this will probably never happen.  At best,  I
hope that I can manage to get most, if not all, of my garden tools put away in the shed for the winter and not leave them buried somewhere in the garden.  

- time will tell -

Either way, I love my new garden shed, it's not big but it's all mine!  It's a mess right now because late last summer when it was finished being built I just threw everything in it for the winter.

Today, I will go and get it organized before I head out to the garden but before I do I want to share the DIY instructions for restoring your rusty tools.

Soak rusty tools in a weak vinegar solution. 
  1. Remove them from the solution and wipe down with paper towel to dry them, then clean the rust off with steel wool.
  2. Heavily rusted blades may need a second soaking after the first layer of rust comes off.

    'In the spring, at the end of the day,
     you should smell like dirt.'

    Margaret Atwood

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